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Nestled between the arcades of the formidable Himalayas, Nepal is a nation with some of the world’s tallest mountains to the deepest river gorges.

The country is blessed with some effortless untouched beauty that makes it a truly special place in the world. In a country that stretches over 150 kilometres, it is really surprising what can be discovered within a coach ride through some areas in Nepal. You might start in plain rice fields in the morning, reaching beautiful valleys by the afternoon and end up in tea houses in the foothills of Himalaya in the evening. However, whilst the outskirts of Nepal carry beauty beyond compare, not all is left untouched- the reality is a bit different in the capital - Kathmandu.

The city houses nearly 1 million people and is the biggest city in the country. While famous for its ancient temples and architecture, Kathmandu’s story today is the one of an urban jungle struggling with the pressure of demographic change and migration. With a steeply rising population within the valley, waste production has risen significantly. Due to lack of proper waste disposal and recycling system in place, roads and rivers in Nepal are flooded with waste.

Urban pollution has caused severe health issues and environmental hazards particularly in the slum areas that are located in the banks of rivers of Kathmandu. Such vulnerable communities face inadequate access to clean water and unsanitary environment due to the toxic chemicals produced by the plastic waste. Poverty perpetuates the pollution problem further as citizens rely on products made from plastic bags and bottles to buy commodities for everyday use.

Consequently, urban pollution has multifaceted impacts on people who live in the slums- via their health, their environment and their daily economic activity. Realising the urgent need to improve the environment and the livelihood of these people in slums, Sansar was founded.

Sansar aims to solve the issue of urban pollution and poverty in Kathmandu valley by engaging the communities to collect waste around and from the houses they live in. With the help of a local recycling company, we will recycle what is possible and dispose of the remaining waste - ensuring it doesn’t pollute the local environment. we will then provide communities with free rice in exchange for the waste they collect. In the long term, Sansar aims to expand its outreach to numerous communities within and outside Kathmandu valley to promote recycling as a habit among Nepalese people. With Sansar’s engagement with the Nepalese community in tackling urban waste and poverty, we hope to restore the beauty that naturally exists in Nepal.

From the support of everyone within and outside Nepal, our path to achieving this will be forged.

Sansar is a family - a community dedicated to combined change.

To support us :

Thank you for your contribution!

We look forward to creating sustainable change in the communities of Nepal with you!

Sansar for Earth!

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