The mounting mask-pandemic !

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

It’s been a while since we last reached out and in that time the world has changed considerably. Covid-19, a worldwide pandemic, limitations on travel and contact with people have led to many changes in the way we all live and operate.

All the while, the mounting plastic waste problems across Nepal continues to develop. Whilst Covid-19 proved hugely positive in reducing harm to the environment from C02 emissions, the rise of single use plastic waste materials (including PPE, Masks, utensils and plates) has only increased Nepal’s plastic waste problem.

Here at Sansar we are still working hard to try and tackle this issue!

With your helping hands, donations and the support of local communities we have already reached 40 households and exchanged 170kg of plastic waste for rice so far… But there is plenty more to be done!

In the coming months we plan to commence a new project in Bharatpur and Kathmandu to continue the effort to tackle the plastic waste problem.

We will keep you updated as we come closer to the time of the project with all specifics and so you can meet the team involved!

The new project already has multiple changes that we have had to introduce due to the COVID-19 pandemic which will mean:

- All project members will be wearing face masks

- Hand sanitizer provided pre-collection and on receipt of plastic waste

- Social distancing measures during collection and disposal

We hope you’re all safe, we can’t wait to see you in Nepal Soon!

More updates coming VERY SOON!

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