Reflecting on the Young Social Enterprise Programme: Covid-19 and beyond

Long time no see! We hope that everyone is safe during these uncertain and difficult times.

It feels like a long time since we first piloted our project- it indeed has! We were looking forward in conducting a large-scale project, in a few more households, during this summer in Nepal. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has unfortunately left us without much choice other than to delay our operation.

We were very disappointed with how things turned out, nonetheless we were determined to continue our work from home.

In order to utilise the time we have been given this summer, the Sansar team joined the Young Social Entrepreneur programme (YSE)’s workshops coordinated by Singapore International Foundation (SIF). Participating in this programme has enabled us to better understand our business and network with other like minded social enterprises in East Asia and Africa.

Despite the time difference between Singapore and the UK (which meant waking up with sleepy eyes!), the presentations from YSE were intriguing and insightful! As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the in-depth feedback from our mentors, we have pivoted from our original business model. (There is something cooking on the Sansar’s shop section- do not forget to keep on looking!)

The storytelling presentation from Wateroam was one of our favourite- largely because it guided us to create a coherent story out of our pitch deck. Learning from social enterprises who were already in their growth stage was inspiring.

(practicing our pitch!)

In the meantime, you can always help our impact to grow, we need your support! :

Finally, we are grateful to YSE for its valuable insights, and resources. And with a renewed zeal, we can't wait to launch another waste-exchange expedition after COVID restrictions ease. Till then, Stay Alert, live sustainable!

We wish for everyone's safety and great health.

Best wishes,


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