Pilot day !

Before we dive into how our piloted project turned out, just a quick reminder of our project!

First thing first, we went to collect the rice from the local rice seller.

The rice will be used to exchange the urban waste collected by the community.

1 bag of rice (25kg) costs approximately £11

The rice will be distributed to the community through our handmade rice bags that are made from recycling paper. The days before the pilot, one of our volunteers taught us how to make these rice bags in our team’s rooftop. With the majestic view of the Himalayan mountains around us, we made over 50 rice bags with the team!

(No waste and durable!)

With the help of the community leaders, we started to see a group of people coming to drop their waste to our collection point.

[1] First, we sorted the waste into different bags (plastic bags, plastic bottles, electronic devices etc)

This is to make it easier for the local waste management company to collect the waste from us later on

[2] We then measured the amount of waste collected

We will distribute the rice according to the amount of kg of waste collected.

[3] And then, SMILE :D

After 10 minutes, we saw more and more people dropping their waste to our collection point.

The community leaders also assisted us with the process so that we could accommodate for more!

People started to gather around us, bringing their chairs from their homes, it became a social hub.

They were giving us feedback of the project, sharing their views about the pollution, about the environment…. One thing to remember is that people here, in Nepal, are very welcoming and heart-warming.

It is the dialogue that we wanted to create.

We want to create an environment where people are comfortable to approach us, talk to us and share their view.

We collaborated with Khaalisisi, a local waste management company that is growing their presence in Kathmandu. With an eco-friendly system, Khaalisisi collects waste by bike and limit the use of motor bikes, cars or trucks that emit pollution, another huge problem that is facing Nepal.

It is our long term mission to connect the community and the local recycling company such as, Khaalisisi.

We are here to initiate the first step.

By running such projects, we believe that we can raise environmental awareness and reassure the community that they are capable to make a difference.

The water in the river does not have to be grey and polluted, blocked with urban waste. Streets do not have to be covered with household rubbish.

This can change. And this can change by the community’s own action.

Sansar is here to empower the community. Together we create a positive impact.

With over 170 kg of urban waste collected, 35 more households participated within an hour, the piloted project ended with a great success!

And to be transparent our piloted project only costed £60!

This shows that our project is not only community driven, but also a financially sustainable project 😊

Last but not least, there is no doubt that this work was done through a collaborative effort,

Thank you to Sangam Tole Community, Khaalisisi and our local team !

For our impact to grow, we need your support! :

We thank you for your ongoing support! 😊

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